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What you can take along

Here you will find details on what you can take with you on vehicles of the Nordhessischen VerkehrsVerbund.

All non-school-age children travel free of charge

  • All non-school-age children my use buses and trams in the NVV area free of charge, even if they are travelling in a single group
  • The purchase of a U18 larg group ticket, for example for Kindergarten trips, is no longer necessary.
  • Adult accompanying persons need a valid NVV ticket.


The decision on whether or not to take a pet on a journes is the responsibility of the driver or train attendant.

  • Pet transport is free of charge.
  • Dogs only travel on a leash and under supervision.
  • Dogs that could endanger fellow passengers must wear a muzzle.
  • Other pets may only be carried in suitable containers.
  • In a passenger ca (e.g. AST), dogs are only carried in a transport box and if they are no larger than a house cat.
  • Guide dogs accompanying a blind person are always taken along.

Our staff on the trains are responsible for ensuring the journey can take place with no dangers or complications for passengers. A dog may be prohibited from travelling. Our staff are experienced and able to assess situations well – their decisions must be respected. 


Bicycles may be transported free of charge in the means of transport intended for them: 

  • If the operational situation calls for it, transport company employees are authorised to prohibit the transport of bicycles.
  • There is no entitlement to take your bicycle.
  • Bicycles must be stored in the marked areas without disturbing other passengers and ensuring passageways remain clear 
  • Groups with bicycles must register 10 working days before the journey using the NVV service hotline on 0800-939-0800 (free of charge). Groups cannot take bicycles on buses.

As our staff are responsible for safety, their decision on the vehicle’s capacity or the storage location of the bicycles must be respected. 

Prams and Luggage

Prams, buggies and luggage are transported free of charge. 


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