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NVV Tariff System

Tariff System

NVV tickets are valid for all means of local transport. This includes local trains, trams, RegioTrams, buses and Share Taxis (AST) – for the latter a supplement may be required. NVV tickets are valid for the entire travel chain, from the start of your journey to your destination, even if you have to change on the way. 

Every town or municipality in the NVV area forms a tariff zone. A price bracket is set for every connection between two tariff zones. 

As a rule, within a municipality price level 1 applies. In Kassel, the price level Kassel City applies. 
In some cities, price level S applies. This includes the city centre of Bad Wildungen, including Reinhardshausen and the town centres of Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Frankenberg, Korbach, Melsungen. 

The KasselPlus area

The tariff zone of KasselPlus price level combines the following locations: The city of Kassel, Ahnatal, Baunatal, Calden, Espenau, Fuldabrück, Fuldatal, Habichtswald, Kaufungen, Lohfelden, Nieste, Schauenburg, Staufenberg and Vellmar.

The NVV tariff has a total of 8 distance-dependent price levels. Price level 8 is the highest. MultiTickets Single, MultiTickets and all season tickets in price level 8 apply across the network, i.e. they are valid throughout the entire transport network area.