Timetable information

Line overview

Where does each line go?

In this alphabetical local directory you can easily see which routes are running in the individual towns and districts of North Hesse. 

Tip: Use Adobe Reader’s search function to quickly and easily find your desired location in the list. 

Local directory: Where does each line go? 

Route overview

Here you will find all the lines within or running through the NVV area, sorted by means of transport: 

Regional train
City Bus
Shared Taxi (AST)

The lines are assigned to the districts with their numbers and routes according to the respective transport company and are clearly displayed. You can also see what timetable information is available for the individual routes and what form it takes.

Tip: Use Adobe Reader’s search tool function to quickly and easily find the service line operating in your desired location.

Route directory - All lines at a glance (german version)