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Network Map North Hesse

These maps show the entire NVV-region -  this includes all five North Hessian districts and the transitional areas.

Valid as of December 12th 2021

Would you rather have a folding map in paper form for your jacket pocket or handbag? The two topographical route networks Nordhessen and KasselPlus are available for you free of charge at all NVV customer centers and NVV InfoPoints.

The maps can be downloaded in topographical and schematic representation:

Line Network North Hesse (schematic)

On the route network North Hesse (schematic) are shown all train connections and important bus lines in the area of the Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund.

Line Network North Hesse (topographical) - 8 MB

On the line network North Hesse (topographical) are shown all train and bus connections in the area of the Nordhessischen VerkehrsVerbundes including transition areas.
The basis of this topographical representation is OpenStreetMap geodata, which results in the "Basic Map of North Hesse" by applying the NVV corporate design.